Court Orders Census to Continue Counting People Past Trump Administration's Sept. 30 Deadline

The bureau will have through Oct. 31 to finish its enumeration under the injunction, though an appeal is expected.

'We’ve All Started Calling it “the Senseless” '

Workers say the census’ tailor-made app, designed by a company with a poor track record with the Census Bureau, is inefficient and buggy. The problems have made them question whether the app was tested rigorously.

'Perfect Storm' Threatens 'Major Institutional Defeat' for the Census, Top Watchdog Says

The decennial count is ahead of schedule overall, but a condensed schedule and hiring shortfalls are creating significant risks.

How COVID-19 Makes the U.S. Census even More Challenging

Getting the U.S. census count has never been an easy task, but this year’s census has hit several major challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shortened Census Count Will Hurt Communities of Color

The census will likely count fewer Black Americans, Indigenous peoples, Asian Americans and Americans of Hispanic or Latino origin than there actually are.

Leaked Census Document Warns of Possible 'Serious Errors' in 2020 Count

The compressed timeframe is forcing the agency to make sacrifices, document shows.

Condensed Schedule and Counters Not Showing Up to Work Have Put the Census at Risk

Census has just a month to complete its count and GAO says it still faces significant challenges in collecting accurate data.

This Rural Town Swelled With Immigrants. But Will Census Count Them?

The 2020 census was supposed to show this rural town what it is now. Then came COVID-19.

GovExec Daily: Rural America and the Census

University of Mississippi's Dr. John Green joins the podcast to discuss the difficulties facing non-metropolitan communities during the decennial count.

GovExec Daily: The State of the 2020 Census

Eric Katz updates the podcast on the decennial count and its ups and downs.

Census Delays Create Uncertainty for Temporary Workers

Bureau faces a series of risks as it attempts decennial count during a pandemic.

GovExec Daily: The Pandemic's Effect on the Census

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss how the decennial count – along with other government programs – is affected.

Census Delays and Extensions Possible Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

IG, lawmakers fault the Census Bureau for providing "little explanation" for its contingency planning.

Why Some Americans Don’t Trust the Census

A quarter of Americans, many of them non-white, are worried about data privacy and confidentiality in the 2020 census.

One-Third of Residents Suspicious of Census, Survey Finds

More outreach to communities is needed, researchers say.