One-Third of Residents Suspicious of Census, Survey Finds

More outreach to communities is needed, researchers say.

OPM Issues Guidance for Federal Employees Looking to Work for the Census

Helping with the count gives civil servants a chance to earn extra money and be part of history.

Census Is Now Fielding 25K Job Applications Per Day

Despite some early setbacks, Census says its hiring efforts will prove "swimmingly successful."

3 Big Ways that the U.S. Will Change Over the Next Decade

The number of old people will increase, while the proportion of white Americans will continue to fall.

Census Still Has More Steps to Take to Ensure It Doesn't Hire More Child Sex Offenders, IG Says

The agency hired a registered sex offender earlier this year, who was arrested for engaging in a sexual act with a child two months later.

Census Fails Key Recruiting and Hiring Tests as It Gears Up for 2020 Count

Despite warnings of delays and cost overruns, agency says it's confident operations will not be interrupted.

Why the 2020 Census Matters for Rural Americans

People living in rural and small town America have much at stake in the 2020 census. But census participation tends to be lower in rural areas.

Census Eclipses 500K Applicants, Still Needs 2.3M More

The bureau is working to overcome fears instilled by the Trump administration's court fight to include a citizenship question, official says.

Viewpoint: An Executive Order Can't Fix Trump's Census Problem

Presidents who want to shape the world unilaterally must face four inconvenient legal truths.

Trump’s Tweets on Census Question Create Havoc for Feds

We rarely see the direct link between President Trump’s comments and government officials’ ability to work effectively and be taken seriously. That’s why this transcript is so compelling.

Commerce Officials Silent After Supreme Court Blocks Census Question

With a printing schedule set for July 1, the bureau’s well-laid plans are up in the air.

Why Good Census Numbers Are Vital To Hurricane Recovery

Researchers have four reccomendations for community leaders counting on accurate statistics about their populations in the wake of natural disasters.

What the Supreme Court Said About the 2020 Census Citizenship Question

In oral arguments, conservative justices asked about data science, while liberals asked what the citizenship question was really for.

The U.S. Plans To Stop Releasing Its Most Detailed Census Data

The Census Bureau is concerned about your privacy. Maybe a little too concerned.