2020 Election

Federal Judge Reaffirms USPS Must Approve Overtime in Run Up to Election

Postal Service has faced five consecutive losses in lawsuits challenging Louis DeJoy's reforms.

Coming Soon: A Short Window for Improving Federal Agencies’ Performance

For career executives, the time between the presidential election and the inauguration is an opportunity to use evidence and data to advise incoming political appointees on what works and what doesn't.

Biden’s Campaign Must Address the Need for ‘Nuts-and-Bolts’ Repairs Across the Federal Bureaucracy, Professor Argues 

An upcoming series will lay the framework for a first-term agenda to fix structural government issues should the Democratic presidential nominee win in November.  

USPS Refuses to Comply With Judge's Order to Allow All Overtime Before Election

The Postal Service has agreed to other measures to ensure timely delivery of ballots and other mail.

The Justice Dept Must Clarify Who it Serves: The People or the President

Research shows the abuse of power is more common in countries where the president and the attorney general are political allies.

Following Court Order, USPS Instructs Employees to Restore Extra Mail Trips and Some Processing Machines

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy had resisted such changes before a federal judge issued nationwide injunction.

Viewpoint: We Need an Investigation of Hatch Act Crimes at the Republican National Convention

It is not enough for the Office of Special Counsel to investigate civil violations of the law.

Court Losses Mount for USPS as Agency Management, DeJoy Weigh Options

A second judge on Monday ordered the Postal Service to walk back controversial reforms.

The Rival: Rebuilding the Bureaucracy

If Joe Biden is elected president, he promises to reverse the “hollowing out” of federal agencies and elevate the role of experts and scientists.

The Incumbent: Bending the Bureaucracy

President Trump is likely to double down on his ambitious management agenda in a second term, stepping up attacks on unions, taking aim at merit system principles and slashing regulations.

The Next Four Years

Whether Americans hand the presidency to Joe Biden or tap President Trump for a second term, the federal workforce can expect big changes.

Poll: Biden Leads Trump Among Federal Workforce by 28%

Six-in-10 feds say they plan to vote for the former vice president.

Federal Court Blocks Postal Service's Controversial Operational Changes Nationwide

USPS has admitted Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's reforms caused delays, which the judge found politically motivated and risked disenfranchising voters.