The IRS Is Now On Instagram

A color-changing chameleon gif wants you to #BeTaxReady.

If anyone is going to remind you about tax season, it might as well be a pink flamingo.

That’s the idea behind a new account on Instagram, run by the Internal Revenue Service, the much-feared US taxman.

The account, launched Nov. 30, is full of candy-colored gifs and Insta-friendly animals educating people on tax-related issues.

According to a release from the agency, the IRS Instagram will be informing taxpayers of the tax law changes related to the Trump administration’s tax cuts (previewed by a chameleon who wants you to #BeTaxReady) and warning them about online scams.

It’s “part of a larger mission of helping all taxpayers understand and meet their tax responsibilities,” its statement said. The agency is trying to meet taxpayers where they are, the release suggested, citing statistics that the majority of young adults in the US are on Instagram.

“Taxes are never going to have as many followers as a movie star or a pop star. But it is a venue to share information,” Terry Lemons, the agency’s head of communications, said in an interview with The Washingtonian. “Look, the refund check is the biggest most Americans get all year. If we’re able to get a little information to help people get ready for the upcoming tax season, that’s a good thing.”

But the IRS’s online strategy won’t get too exciting. After all, this is serious business, and tax issues are sensitive. “It’s not like we’re going to be going out onto the dating apps,” Lemons told The Washingtonian. “So people don’t need to worry about that.”