MachineKind Episode 2: AI Mythbusting

From robot uprisings to AI taking our jobs, we’ll look to clear up common misconceptions around artificial intelligence in the second episode of our podcast series dedicated examining to the art of the possible in AI.

When you envision a world powered by artificial intelligence, do you think of a machine-powered utopia or a dystopia where robots replace humans in the workforce and reign supreme? Fears about AI are common in today’s society. While it’s important to examine the potential downsides of every new technology, these fears have the potential to overshadow the potential good AI can — and does — do.

In our second episode of MachineKind, a new podcast from Government Executive in collaboration with NVIDIA, Dell Technologies and GAI, Inc. that aims to examine the art of the possible in artificial intelligence, host Constance Sayers, President of Government Executive Media Group will speak with guests Cameron Chehreh, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Dell Technologies Federal and Dr. Jean Vettel, Senior Science Lead and Neuroscientist at the U.S. Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory, about AI falsehoods — and what exactly the technology is really capable of.

Check out what they have to say by listening to the full episode below. Or download and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, SpotifySoundCloud or Google Play to take Machinekind with you on your favorite device. Download the transcript here.

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