MachineKind Episode 1: The Path to AI

In the first episode of our podcast series dedicated to examining the art of the possible in artificial intelligence, we explore the far-reaching history of AI.

In 1956, a group of scientists gathered at Dartmouth University in Hanover, New Hampshire, to work on a summer research project. This project was related to the new field of what were then called automatic computers, but what we now know as “artificial intelligence.”

Artificial intelligence seems like a new thing, but it’s actually been around longer than many think. This is what we’ll be examining in the first episode of “MachineKind,” a new podcast from Government Executive in collaboration with NVIDIA, Dell Technologies and GAI, Inc. dedicated to exploring the art of the possible in artificial intelligence. In this episode, host Constance Sayers, president of the Government Executive Media Group, speaks with Jay Lambke, the president of GAI whose technology career dates back to late 1980s, and Dr. Alexander Kott, chief scientist at the Army Research Lab, to discuss the evolution of AI research and where things stand with the technology today, especially in the public sector.

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