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Free Advice


When you work in government, you're in the company of experts -- on everything from patent law to AIDS research. Sometimes, your co-workers' expertise can benefit you.

Federal employees who specialize in an array of financial matters are part of an informal network that offers advice to colleagues. These specialists can provide briefings, literature or general guidance on everything from buying U.S. savings bonds to preventing identity theft.

Here is some of the available financial advice from federal employees, based on information provided by the Office of Personnel Management.

Buying Savings Bonds

Where: Treasury Department's Bureau of Public Debt

Details: How to buy Treasury bills, notes, bonds, inflation-protected securities (TIPS) and Series I and EE savings bonds.

Contact:(866) 388-1776

Financial Education for Women Ages 22 to 35

Where: Labor Department's Women's Bureau

Details: The Wi$e Up program consists of eight segments that are available online or in a classroom setting. Topics include investing, math tips on handling your money and credit and savings basics.

Contact: Sarah Miller at

Investing and Fraud

Where: Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Investor Education and Assistance

Details: For individual investors, the office offers information on common investment products such as mutual funds. The materials include tips on how to make investment choices and how to avoid fraud.

Contact: Lori Schock at (202) 551-6335 or Brian Mulford at (202) 551-6346

Identity Theft

Where: Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection

Details: The bureau offers speakers and publications on how to prevent identity theft and what to do if it occurs, as well as advice on avoiding scams.

Contact: Colleen Tressler at

Understanding Social Security

Where: Social Security Administration

Details: SSA provides workshops with information on the Windfall Elimination Provision, the Government Pension Offset and protecting your Social Security number, as well as general information on Social Security plans and retirement.

To request a speaker, fill out this form:

A Little Bit of Everything

Where: General Services Administration's Federal Citizen Information Center

Details: This office publishes a free catalog of free or low-cost federal publications on topics ranging from food and nutrition to cars, travel, housing, small business education and more.

Contact: James Zawada at

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