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Karen Rutzick


Conflicting Images

Facebook, MySpace and other social networking Web sites now host civil servants ranting and agencies recruiting—mixed messages abound.


Data brings out disparities in promotions, performance ratings

Release of personnel statistics can help uncover discrimination and show progress – or lack thereof – in establishing a diverse workforce.


Hard Numbers

The Government Accountability Office’s Ronald Stroman exposes disparities in promotions and performance ratings.


Indomitable Spirit

Resiliency helps people embrace change and overcome crisis. Can it be taught?

Pay & Benefits

Duty Calls

A look at the rules on pay and time off for jury duty.

News And Analysis

Seeing Is Believing

Budget graphic offers new way to understand agency funding.

News And Analysis

Double the Money

The Thrift Savings Plan’s recent rapid growth is mostly due to new participants.

News And Analysis

Personality Test

Agencies use psychological profiles to cultivate teamwork.


Stalked by Census

My face of government won’t let me be.

Pay & Benefits

Getting to the SES

Training and leadership programs can help employees get to the top of the civil service ladder.

Pay & Benefits

Model for Health Coverage

Democrats in the 2008 presidential campaign turn to the federal employee program as a health care solution.

Pay & Benefits

Still Pushing

Short-term disability benefits and electronic retirement records remain high priorities for OPM Director Linda Springer.


Fight to The Finish

As the Bush administration winds down, tensions between careerists and political appointees heat up.


Student aid chief took home $250,000 in bonuses

Theresa Shaw, whose Education Department office is under scrutiny for its oversight efforts, was covered by special performance-based pay system.

Pay & Benefits

Performance-Based Perils

Another federal organization that was supposed to be a model of personnel reform faces scrutiny.

Pay & Benefits

Darfur Divestment?

Members of Congress want to know if investments in the Thrift Savings Plan are helping to fund atrocities in Sudan.

Pay & Benefits

Move Around

One of the upsides of working for the federal government is that you can jump to a new agency and keep your benefits.

Pay & Benefits

Honey Pot

The Thrift Savings Plan has grown into a $200 billion-plus retirement behemoth, but its nearly 4 million participants might be surprised to learn how their money is managed.

Pay & Benefits

Paybanding Evolution

New regulations give IRS supervisors more and more flexibility to set pay, as long as it’s not according to the General Schedule.


Building A Better Carrot

Pay for performance is on the rocks and agency budgets are tight, but dedicated managers still find ways to reward and recognize employees.