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Nearly All of the TSP Funds Continued Their 2022 Tumble in April

Only the government securities (G) fund finished last month in the black.

In another turbulent month for investments, nearly every fund in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program lost value in April.

The small- and mid-size businesses of the Thrift Savings Plan’s S Fund saw the worst performance, falling 10.57%. So far this year, the S Fund sits at 18.83% in the red. And the common stocks of the C Fund fell 8.72% last month, bringing its 2022 losses to 12.91%.

The I Fund, which is made up of international investments, lost 6.39% in April, bringing its performance this year down to -12.73%. And the fixed income bonds in the F Fund fell 3.75% last month. So far this year, the F Fund has lost 9.33%.

Only the government securities of the G Fund finished April in the black, gaining 0.20%. So far this year, the G Fund has grown 0.65%.

Likewise, all of the TSP’s lifecycle (L) funds, which shift to more stable investments as participants get closer to retirement, lost money last month. The L Income Fund, designed for those who already have begun making withdrawals, fell 2.04%; L 2025, 3.59%; L 2030, 5.12%; L 2035, 5.63%; L 2040, 6.12%; L 2045, 6.56%; L 2050, 6.97%; L 2055, 8.11%; L 2060, 8.11%; and L 2065, 8.11%.

So far this year, the L Income Fund has lost 3.32%; L 2025, 6.04%; L 2030, 8.58%; L 2035, 9.48%; L 2040, 10.33%; L 2045, 11.10%; L 2050, 11.80%; L 2055, 13.56%; L 2060, 13.56%; and L 2065, 13.57%.