New Pay Tables Released: Calculate Your 2022 Raise

The average increase will be 2.7% for civilian employees, but the exact figure will vary based on where you live. 

President Biden on Wednesday finalized a 2.7% pay raise for civilian federal employees in 2022. That figure is the average boost employees will receive, but the exact amount will vary depending on where they live. 

So how will you figure out your personal raise for next year? The Office of Personnel Management has released pay tables that will allow you to look up what you can expect to receive. 

The 2022 pay raise is split into a 2.2% across-the-board raise and an average increase of 0.5% that will vary based on locality. There are 53 locality pay areas in 2022 and a “rest of the U.S.” category for those who don’t fall into one of the other areas. Click here to see the list of locality areas and determine which one you are in. 

Once you have determined your locality area, you can go to the list of 2022 locality pay tables and click on the PDF or web-based chart for your area to see your total percentage raise and what this means for your annual salary based on your grade and step on the General Schedule. 

For instance, if you live in the Albany-Schenectady area and are a GS-15, Step 1, you can expect to receive a total increase of 2.89% effective in January, for a total annual salary of $133,978. If you don’t fall into any of the specific locality areas and are grouped with the “Rest of U.S.” category, you can expect to receive a 2.42% total raise, amounting to $131,178 annually for a GS-15, Step 1. 

OPM also offers links to the Federal Wage System pay tables and law enforcement officer pay schedules, as well as executive and senior level employee pay tables.