Pay Raise

Most Feds Will Get Retroactive Raise this Pay Period

The federal government’s largest payroll processor says it has implemented the 1.9 percent pay increase for civilian federal employees, retroactive to January.

White House Finalizes 1.9 Percent Pay Raise for Civilian Feds

Nearly six weeks after its enactment, federal workers will finally see their 2019 pay increase.

Trump's Top Budget Official Defends 2020 Pay Freeze to Congress

OMB chief pledges to work with agencies to develop performance and mission-based pay plans.

Trump Administration Prepares 'Holistic' Review to Overhaul Federal Employee Compensation

A contractor will examine pay issues, as well as work-life balance and meaningfulness of work.

Federal Executive Pay is Inadequate

When school superintendents are paid significantly more than government’s leaders, something is wrong.

Frozen Locality Pay, a Possible Pay Raise for Political Appointees and More

The appointee freeze has been lifted, but could be re-instituted in legislation set for a vote Thursday.