Pay Raise

The President’s Pay Agent Has Approved Four New Locality Pay Areas

The annual report from the leaders of OMB, OPM and the Labor Department also authorized a number of tweaks to the criteria that govern which regions are eligible to be added to the map of locality pay areas.

GovExec Daily: What Still Needs to Happen for Feds to Get Their 2023 Pay Raise

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the end-of-year steps needed for public servants to get their average 4.6% increase.

Here’s What Still Needs to Happen for Feds to Get Their 2023 Pay Raise

Although there’s only a month left in the year, there are still a number of things that must be done to finalize an average 4.6% pay hike for civilian federal workers in January.

Low Pay Remains the Largest Barrier to Federal Wildland Firefighter Recruitment, GAO Says

Although the Biden administration has taken multiple steps to boost compensation for federal firefighters, the government watchdog agency reports those measures are both not enough to compete with state and local governments and only temporary.

New Data Suggests the Federal Pay Gap With the Private Sector Is Widening

Union officials called on the Biden administration to provide a more generous raise than the 4.6% average increase slated for next year, while a group representing executives urged officials to explore broader pay reform efforts.

The VA Gives Raises to 10,000 Nurses, Takes More Steps to Boost Recruiting and Retention

The department is looking to quickly implement a new suite of incentives aimed at making VA a more attractive place to work.

The Government’s Pay System Needs to Be Fixed. The Federal Salary Council Can (and Should) Lead the Charge.

The former chair of the Federal Salary Council, on behalf of his fellow appointees from the previous administration, discusses why the council should take up unfinished business left over from that administration.

A Union Is Calling on the Administration to Do More to Retain Federal Firefighters

The Biden Administration secured significant pay raises for wildland firefighters as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law, but those increases are, for now, temporary and an exodus to stabler positions has continued.

It's Official: Biden Formalizes Average 4.6% Pay Raise Plan for Feds in 2023

The annual declaration of a national emergency preventing large automatic pay increases from taking effect confirms that 0.5% of the total pay raise will go to an average increase in locality pay.

A Recently Reconstituted Advisory Panel Is Finally Making Locality Pay Recommendations

According to the Federal Salary Council, federal employees made 22.47% less on average than their private sector counterparts last year.

A Senate Appropriations Bill Endorses Biden’s 4.6% Pay Raise Plan

Like its counterpart in the House, the spending bill that serves as the vehicle for federal employee compensation issues is silent on the subject of a 2023 pay increase, effectively endorsing the president’s plan.

The House Has Cleared the Way for Biden’s 4.6% Pay Raise Plan

Lawmakers effectively endorsed the president’s pay raise proposal for federal workers Wednesday, although the Senate has yet to weigh in on the issue.

A Schedule F Ban Is Among Many Workforce Provisions in the Annual Defense Policy Bill the House Just Passed

Lawmakers also added language to grant full civil service protections and a pay raise to TSA employees to the must-pass bill before its approval Thursday.

The House’s Defense Policy Bill Could Codify Contractor Minimum Wage

The House is set to vote this week on its version of the fiscal 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, an annual must-pass bill that often serves as the vehicle for provisions impacting the federal workforce.

Here’s What Needs to Happen for the 2023 Federal Employee Pay Raise

Although the Biden administration and lawmakers appear set on providing feds an average 4.6% pay increase next year, things could change before the end of the year.