Pay Raise

House Appropriations Bill Keeps Trump’s 1% Raise for Feds, Blocks other White House Priorities

The legislation would prevent the Trump administration from moving forward with its proposed GSA-OPM merger as well as implementation of new union contracts.

Federal HR Leaders Want a Comprehensive Review of the Government's Pay System

In the fiscal 2019 governmentwide human capital survey, agency officials said a lack of funding and the General Schedule are "significant obstacles" to achieving their goals.

Trump Proposes 1% Pay Increase for Civilian Federal Workers in 2021

The proposal marks an improvement over last year’s initial pay freeze request, but a significant downgrade from the average 3.1% pay increase that was ultimately enacted for 2020.

House Republicans Unveil Plan to Boost Merit Pay and Slash Pensions

Proposals would help rein in a "swamp monster" of a runaway bureaucracy, lawmakers say.

The New Year Brings Good News for Federal Worker Compensation

While health care costs are rising and telework took a hit, everyone will see a decent raise and new parents will soon get paid parental leave.

Trump Finalizes Pay Raise for Feds in 2020

The new pay tables are out: Federal employees will see a 2.6% increase in basic pay next year, with an average 0.5% increase in locality pay.

Bipartisan Spending Deal Includes Average 3.1% Pay Raise for Federal Workers in 2020

Congressional negotiators agreed to use language advocated by Democrats to provide an across-the-board 2.6% pay increase to federal civilian employees, along with an average 0.5% boost in locality pay.

New Bill Would ‘Close the Gap’ in Locality Pay for Some Federal Jobs

Legislation in both chambers of Congress would ensure General Schedule and Federal Wage System employees receive comparable locality pay.

Most Feds Won't Reap the Benefits of Local Minimum Wage Laws

OPM last week announced that it will not raise the lower levels of the federal pay scales to comply with state and local laws increasing the minimum wage.

No New Locality Pay Areas, But Salary Council Considers More Formula Tweaks

The Federal Salary Council announced that the pay gap between federal workers and the private sector, as calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, now sits at 26.71%.

Senate Panel Advances Spending Bills Blocking OPM-GSA Merger, Allowing USDA Relocations

Democrats say that in conference committee they will endorse House-passed provisions blocking the relocation of science agencies to Kansas City and authorizing an average 3.1% pay raise for federal employees.