Compare Premium Rate Changes for Every 2017 FEHBP Option

Chart shows price and changes for all health care offerings next year.

Federal employees, on average, will pay 6.2 percent more toward their health care premiums in 2017.

Of course, the actual amount will differ from plan to plan.

The most popular plan -- the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Standard Option -- will see a $5.81 per paycheck increase for self-only enrollees. Family enrollees in the plan will pay an extra $15.99 per paycheck, and self-plus-one enrollees will pay $9.46 more. About 40 percent of Federal Employees Health Benefits Program participants are enrolled in that plan.

An additional 20 percent of FEHBP participants enroll in the more affordable nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield Basic Option. Those individuals will see a $2.74 increase per paycheck for self-only coverage, $9.39 for self-and-family and $3.89 for self-plus-one.

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