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TSP Rebounds in July

The C Fund had the best month, increasing 2.10 percent.

Every fund in the Thrift Savings Plan, except the one invested in small and midsize companies, posted positive returns in July, according to the latest data from the board overseeing the TSP.

The S Fund had the worst month, dropping 0.12 percent in July. The fund, however, has gained 4.83 percent since the start of the year.

Three other main TSP funds increased last month: The C Fund, invested in common stocks, had the best showing, rising 2.1 percent in July; the international (I) fund increased 2.08 percent; and fixed-income bonds (F Fund) inched up 0.74 percent. All three are still in the positive column for the year to date. Since January, the C Fund has gained 3.39 percent, while the I Fund has increased 8.73 percent, and the F Fund has risen 0.79 percent.

The government securities (G) fund, the safest of the TSP offerings, inched up 0.19 percent in July, increasing 1.15 percent since January.

The lifecycle funds – designed to move investors to a safer portfolio as they near retirement – all ended July in the black, after a dismal June. The L Income fund, for those who have already started withdrawing money, increased 0.55 percent last month; L 2020 was up 1.03 percent; L 2030 rose 1.22 percent; L 2040 increased 1.33 percent; and L 2050 posted a positive return of 1.46 percent.

The lifecycle funds’ returns for the first seven months of 2015 remain in the positive column, with L Income up 1.95 percent since January; L 2020, 3.29 percent; L 2030, 3.89 percent; L 2040, 4.27 percent; and L 2050, 4.73 percent. 

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