Burning Question: What's one job where federal experience really comes in handy?

For some private-sector positions, having a federal job on your resume is nice. For others, it's a virtual necessity.

According to the Web site for Bigelow Aerospace of Las Vegas, the company "is dedicated to developing next-generation crewed space complexes to revolutionize space commerce and open up the final frontier to all of humanity." Now the company is posting some "help wanted" ads aimed at meeting that goal.

In a recent job posting on SpaceRef.com, Bigelow says it "seeks professional astronauts to fill permanent positions. Qualified applicants need to have completed a training program from their government or recognized space agency and have at least some flight experience on a recognized space mission. Specialized training and/or experience (ie: Medical, Payload Specialist, EVA, Pilot, etc.) is not a pre-requisite, but is definitely a plus."

If you haven't been on a NASA mission, good luck with your application for one of those jobs.

Bigelow Aerospace Position Opening: Astronaut
(SpaceRef.com. Hat tip: BoingBoing)

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