The Federal Reserve building is shown in 2020.

The Federal Reserve building is shown in 2020. OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images

Coach, Cop and Fire Warden: Financial Overseers Wear a Lot of Hats

Tom Shoop joins the podcast to discuss federal financial oversight.

The recent collapse of three banks has brought up questions about the federal government’s role in the financial industry. Since 2008, the issue of overseeing the financial industry has evolved, but an incident in 2018 may shed some light on the current situation.

Tom Shoop is editor at large and the former executive vice president and editor in chief at GovExec Media. The latest installation in his “That Time" series is "That Time Federal Bank Examiners Were Told to Play Nice,” and he joined the podcast to talk about the feds and the financial sector.

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