Police keep a watch, ... ]

Police keep a watch, ... ] Julio Cortez/AP

GovExec Daily: The 'Infamously Opaque' Capitol Police

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss why law enforcement was so unprepared for the insurrection at the Capitol.

Last week, a group of supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the United States Capitol in order to, according to extensive reporting, “stop the steal” of the November election. The United States Capitol Police is the department tasked with protecting the capitol and the members of Congress. By all accounts, Capitol Police last week were overwhelmed and unprepared.  

GovExec reporter Courtney Bublé has a story on our site right now headlined “Riots Shine Light on ‘Infamously Opaque’ Capitol Police.” She joined the podcast to discuss the state of the department after the events of last week. 

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