Play of the Day: The Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward at the Capitol

Both parties brought visual aids.

According to reports, the most popular Halloween costume for 2019 was Pennywise from the horror movie series IT. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked about the holiday, saying the least popular costume was "Sexy Rudy Giuliani."

The House passed a resolution outlining the rules for the next stage of impeachment proceedings on Thursday in a 232-to-196 vote. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the move part of "a sad day" because no one comes to Congress wanting to impeach a president, prompting Late Late Show's James Corden to jokingly say "it is a sad day" and joke that Democrats are now partying in the Capitol Rotunda. Rep. Steve Scalise took to the floor to defend the president with a visual aid and spoke of a "Soviet-style" impeachment, prompting Late Show's Stephen Colbert to joke that such a term would be new to Josef Stalin, who died in office after 30 years. Pelosi had a printout of an American flag as her visual aid, prompting Corden to joke that the U.S. Capitol is the easiest place on earth to find Old Glory and even pointed out the giant flag right behind her in the chamber.

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