Play of the Day: The President's Busy Schedule

Amid reports that Donald Trump is not working hard, the White House released his schedule.

Democratic 2020 hopeful Andrew Yang said recently that elected former vice president Joe Biden would send the country "back in time." The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked about the quote, saying that Yang followed the quote up by saying that Doc Brown lookalike Bernie Sanders would send the U.S. "back to the future."

After reports that President Donald Trump has had a too much downtime, the White House released the president's schedule. Jimmy Kimmel joked about how the president spends his time, saying that Trump's real schedule is "wake up, TV, TV, tweet, tweet, yell at reporters in front of a helicopter, eat, tweet, TV, tweet, eat, tweet, sleep, tweet, repeat" and showed a recent schedule with Sharpie marks suggesting Trump now has to "do stuff" and "check Eric for lice."

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