Play of the Day: The President and Category 5 Hurricanes

There have been a few during his time in office, but he has curiously not heard of them.

The White House pushed back this week on a Washington Post story that said President Donald Trump's administration has not accomplished as much as it claimed over the summer, with the White House providing a list. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the news, saying the White House list has three items: "This List" and "TBD" twice.

As Hurricane Dorian slammed the Bahamas and approached the east coast fo the United States, Trump said at FEMA headquarters that he had only recently heard of a category 5 hurricane though video was found from earlier this year in which he said the same thing, implying that he had forgotten about the seven that have happened since he has been in office. Jimmy Kimmel joked about the news, saying Trump has both the skin tone and the memory of a goldfish, while Meyers joked that the "USA" on his hat was to remind him what country he's visiting. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon had a handy guide for Trump to differentiate between categories of hurricane, showing a photo of Trump with combed hair as a category 1 hurricane and with wild, wind-aided hair as a category 5.

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