Play of the Day: Gun Violence, the President and Video Games

How many violent video games can Donald Trump name?

Last week, President Donald Trump withdrew his Director of National Intelligence pick, Rep. John Ratcliffe, after news organizations found flaws in some parts of Ratcliffe's biography. Trump said that the news media that "you vet for me," prompting Late Show's Stephen Colbert to joke that Trump could go on to say "You're like the nanny to my two-year-old. I put everything I find in my mouth. Your job is to make sure I don't choke on an unqualified LEGO."

Trump spoke at the White House about the weekend mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, though he had trouble with those states, naming Toledo instead of Dayton as one of the cities. Jimmy Kimmel joked about the news, calling the president "Don Burgundy" while Colbert joked that Ohio's prominence in presidential campaigns might be an issue. Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blamed video games in part for gun violence, prompting late-night hosts to cite numerous studies that suggest there is no connection. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked that Japan – home of Nintendo and Sony and a place with a vibrant gaming culture – should create a video game called "F--king Do Something" about Congress, while Colbert note that Trump probably can't name a single video game and joked that Trump might name "Grand Theft Pong" and "Ghost Mario."

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