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Play of the Day: Negotiating the Wall Via Memes

President Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer are using the language of the web to end the shutdown stalemate.

The partial federal government shutdown is in its third week and late-night hosts are back on the air to joke about it. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked about the length of the shutdown, saying "it's tough to say what longer: the government shutdown or your neighbor's Christmas decorations."

President Donald Trump said recently that his predecessors in the Oval Office told him that "that we should have" built a border wall, one of the main causes of the shutdown. In response, former President Jimmy Carter denied telling Trump that and even said he does not support the wall. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about the news, saying that Carter spends a lot of time building walls for Habitat for Humanity, so if anyone would want the wall, it would be him.

Trump tweeted a meme based, in a garbled and confusing way, on Game of Thrones over the weekend, prompting Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to tweet "Enough with the memes."  Fallon joked that Trump could now respond with more memes and even showed what a meme-based negotiation would look like between the two.

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