Play of the Day: The President Has a 'Natural Instinct' For Science

Donald Trump explained to AP that his uncle was an MIT professor.

President Donald Trump sat down with the Associated Press this week and told the news service that it would not be his fault if the GOP lost the House in the midterm elections. Late Late Show's James Corden joked about the news, saying that Trump's history of divorce means he knows something about losing a house.

Trump also told the AP that he has "a natural instinct for science" because his uncle John "was a great professor at MIT for many years," though he " didn’t talk to him about" climate change. Corden joked about the "instinct" comment, saying that the only instinct he would trust coming out of Trump is which fast food places have a secret menu. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about Trump's uncle, saying that the only things uncles give you are your nose back, while Corden noted hereditary knowledge is not a thing, saying his uncle plays the tuba and Corden can't "play the bloody tuba."

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