Play of the Day: Putin's Mind Games

According to a new book, the former KGB operative knows how to manipulate President Trump.

According to reports from Madrid-based media, President Donald Trump told Spanish officials that that the nation should build a wall to keep immigrants out of the country. Conan O'Brien joked about the news, saying Trump told Spain that they wouldn't want "a bunch of Spanish-speaking people" coming into a country.

According to an excerpt from an upcoming book, Russia's Vladimir Putin used his KGB experience to manipulate Trump by playing off Trump's "insecurity and self-regard" and by talking about "deep state" conspiracy theories. Jimmy Kimmel joked that Putin was smart to do that because, other than ones that implicate him, Trump seems to love conspiracy theories. Late Show's Stephen Colbert that Putin knew about Trump's supposed fragile ego because of his KGB training … or because he owns a television.

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