Play of the Day: Recapping the (Short) Shutdown

Late-night hosts note that another shutdown could be coming in a few weeks.

Late last week, The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump had already tried to fire Robert Mueller in the middle of Mueller's special investigation. Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost joked about the news, comparing Trump to the Hamburglar, both because of the president's alleged attempts at obstructing justice resemble the Hamburglar's attempts at stealing hamburgers and because of their diets.

The government shutdown came to a close on Monday and the weekly shows got a crack at joking about the end of the shutdown. Fox News' Greg Gutfeld joked about the overblown nature of the coverage, noting that he's had "cold sores that lasted longer," while Jost joked that he wouldn't trust Mitch McConnell, Trump and Chuck Schumer to figure out anything complicated like funding the government on Feb. 8. Full Frontal's Samantha Bee noted the blame game that went around Washington, joking about the comedian related to the senator and that "women get blamed for everything."