Play of the Day: The Negotiations to Avert a Shutdown Are Like a Hostage Movie

This time, however, no one has a particular set of skills.

Dr. Ronny L. Jackson spoke to reporters this week to present the results of health tests administered to President Donald Trump and Jackson determined Trump to be in “excellent” physical and mental health for his age. Jackson also reported that Trump is 6'3" and 239 pounds, putting him one inch taller than previously reported, which prompted Late Show's Stephen Colbert to joke that all people get taller in their 70s. Sports Illustrated analyzed Trump's weight and height and said is similar to an NFL linebacker, prompting Late Night's Seth Meyers to joke that Trump is more like someone in the NFL's concussion protocol.

The federal government will shut down at midnight on Friday night if no deal is struck. Florida Republican Rep. said this week that "It’s like playing chicken and seeing who is going to blink first," prompting Meyers to joke about Nancy Pelosi's eyes, while Colbert joked that each party is holding something hostage and compared the negotiations on immigration issues like DACA and the border wall to the Liam Neeson hostage-based Taken movies. Only this time, no one has a "particular set of skills."