Play of the Day: 'The Apprentice' For Border Walls

The wall prototypes are showcased near the border and they look like reality show contestants.

Hearings in U.S. District Court began this week connected to a lawsuit alleging that President Donald Trump is in violation of the Constitution's Foreign and Domestic Emoluments clauses. The Opposition's Jordan Klepper joked about the news, noting that trump shouldn't be punished for his D.C. hotel having foreign guests who are "furiously de-Tolberoning the minibar."

Contractors have been completing border wall prototypes this month near a Customs and Border Protection in California. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah noted some of the requirements for the wall, joking that the Kool Aid Man might be more effective at breaching the structure than a sledgehammer. Noah also showed off the prototypes, noting that they look like different contestants on a reality show. There's a spiky one, a see-through one and even a "wall with a booty."