Play of the Day: More on Trump's Meeting With Top Democrats

It was a win for bipartisanship and Ivanka even showed up.

President Donald Trump's campaign store is still active and selling merchandise. Jimmy Kimmel checked in on the store and found a presidential medal for those who want a "little version of the president to scowl at you while you sleep." Kimmel also highlighted a "Latinos por Trump" button that has been discounted, saying "I don't know how he's going to build that wall. He can't even get Mexicans to pay for a button."

Late-night hosts kept examining the deal Trump struck with Democrats to keep the government open through December. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked about the end of the meeting and Trump's leadership, while The Late Show's Stephen Colbert noted that the Democrats winning any single thing means it's now "squanderin' time." Noah also joked about Ivanka Trump's presence at the meeting, saying she was "Pretty Kramer" and compared her to the kid in the viral BBC video from March.