Play of the Day: Donald Trump Wants to Know Why the Civil War Had to Happen

He also wonders if Andrew Jackson could have prevented it.

In an interview with Reuters, President Donald Trump said he misses his "old life" and that being president is "actually more work" than being a real estate mogul and reality show host. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the interview, saying "there's a reason Abraham Lincoln is on the five instead of Alex Trebek."

In a separate interview with SiriusXM's Salena Zito, Trump said that Andrew Jackson might have prevented the Civil War, despite the fact that Jackson owned 150 slaves and died 16 years before the Civil War began. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about it, saying Jackson said "We don't need a Civil War. My slaves are happy."

Trump also said "If you think about it, why?" in regards to the Civil War, prompting Colbert to joke that it's one of the mysteries of our time like "who murdered the Titanic?" Meyers joked that Trump wanted to know America's opponent in the Civil War was, while Late Night's Jimmy Fallon joked that Betsy DeVos gave Trump some history lessons she got from a comic book series. And check out a short documentary clip by Trump on all he knows about the Civil War at 3:09.