Play of the Day: Donald Trump's First Solo Press Conference as President

He went over an hour and he hit a lot of topics.

President Donald Trump will hold a rally near Orlando this weekend for supporters. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked Thursday that Trump will visit Epcot Center after the event, just to insult countries at the World Showcase.

Trump held a press conference Thursday after he announced his new pick to head the Labor Department, Alexander Acosta. Highlights of the unconventional 117-minute event included his combativeness with the news media, an opaque suggestion that April Ryan knew all other black people and the coining of the phrase "the leaks are absolutely real, the news is fake." Jimmy Kimmel joked about that phrasing, comparing it to Trump saying "the toupée is real, but the hair is fake." Trump also intimated that he learned in a briefing not to go to war with Russia because a nuclear war would be "like no other." Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about this notion, saying Trump learned it in a briefing book titled Nuclear Holocaust Bad.