Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Controversial Florida Rally

He brought someone up on stage and he confused Sweden.

Chris Christie recently recounted a story of a meal in which President Donald Trump ordered meatloaf for the two of them while letting other members of their party order whatever they wanted. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the story Monday night, saying it was the second course of the meal, after Trump made the New Jersey governor swallow his pride.

Trump held a rally in Florida over the weekend and even brought one of his supporters up on stage. There was some confusion as to how he would get up to Trump, so the president yelled "hop over the fence." Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked that such a command kind of goes against Trump's signature issue, saying "nothing screams 'strong borders' and 'extreme vetting' like 'hop over the fence!'"

Trump also caused a stir by mentioning a non-existent Swedish incident at the rally, causing Swedish officials to mock the American president. Meyers joked that this is "how bad things have gotten under Trump: We're getting roasted by Swedes now" and invoked the most famous fictional Swede in America.