Play of the Day: Donald Trump Should Probably Contact the Pentagon

As the transition continues, the Defense Department has not heard from the president-elect.

President-elect Donald Trump met with Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe, with one Abe advisor saying that the Japanese leader was told by Trump advisors that Abe should not "take each word that Mr. Trump said publicly literally." Jimmy Kimmel joked that Trump's advisors are treating the president-elect like a "drunk uncle making a toast at a wedding."

According to reports, Trump has not met with Pentagon brass yet, ten days into the transition process. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked that Trump may have been using a toy phone, while Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked that Trump might actually just tweet "@Pentagon, please bomb Syria. #LyingNewYorkTimes." Colbert also called the Pentagon and found they may just not be answering Trump when he contacts the line.