Play of the Day: Celebrities Visiting -- and Living in -- the White House

While Obama gave a bunch of medals to famous people, perhaps Trump will usher in an era of entertainment presidents.

Barack Obama held his final Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony last week at the White House, awarding 20 medals to civilians including Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres and Diana Ross. Viceland's Desus & Mero joked that Obama was using his last days of "free rent on taxpayers' dime" to give famous people medals just because they're famous. Desus joked that Obama found the medal awardees by looking at his "TV Guide and the first five names" that came up.

Donald Trump's legacy could be written many ways, and Fox News' Greg Gutfeld noted Saturday that Trump may go down as the first celebrity president. Building off a recent Michael Moore interview, Gutfeld joked that celebrity Democrat Oprah Winfrey's legacy could be of free cars and saving Detroit. He also noted other celebrities that could win office, including Christie Brinkley (replacing Chris Christie)… At least until the robot revolution takes us all down.