Play of the Day: Some Failed Hillary Clinton Slogans

Stephen Colbert sifts through some more Wikileaks releases.

The weekly late-night shows got to the Wednesday debate over the weekend. In response to Donald Trump's claim that the election is rigged, The Greg Gutfeld Show's Katherine Timpf enumerated some things that are not fair while Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost knocked down Trump's claim that the media is biased. After all, the media would prefer a human airhorn over a grandma who loves secrets.

Wikileaks continues its document dump of hacked emails from Clinton campaign staffers. A recent leak contained a list of over 80 rejected slogans for Clinton's campaign. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about the bizarre word choice, saying the slogans were created by throwing "an inspirational magnetic poetry kit into a ceiling fan." Colbert also revealed his favorite rejected Clinton slogan and its caveman origins.

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