Play of the Day: Let's Take a Look Inside Trump's Teleprompter

Stephen Colbert has parts of the candidate's prepared statements.

Even thought Hillary Clinton this week clinched a majority of pledged delegates and enough superdelegates to be the Democratic nominee for president, Bernie Sanders has yet to exit the race. Wednesday night, Conan O'Brien joked about his campaign layoffs, Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about Sanders' lack of math skills and The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon said Sanders' only chance involves a time-traveling DeLorean.

Donald Trump gave a rare speech by a teleprompter Tuesday night, prompting late-night to joke about his speaking style. Late Show's Stephen Colbert said Trump using the device was like Aquaman using the ferry, while Fallon suggested Trump's speech was written using poetry magnets. Colbert's video staff also put together a piece with a look into the teleprompter with Trump-ish moves like "bing bing" and "incite random violence."