Play of the Day: Clinton Email Conversation or Game of Thrones?

Late-night further examines the State Department IG report.

Republican 2016 nominee Donald Trump tweeted this week that Hillary Clinton can't "close the deal" while he "had to knock out 16 very good and smart candidates." Late Night's Seth Meyers noted that Trump didn't exactly think his former GOP foes were "good" or "smart," considering the nicknames he gave them.

With the release of a State Department IG report faulting Clinton for her records management and email issues, late-night TV joked about the 2016 presumptive Democratic nominee. Meyers joked about Clinton's email being marked as spam for State employees, while The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon connected it to Trump's email problems of his own. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah noted that staff was, according to the report, instructed to "never to speak of the Secretary’s personal email system again." As Noah put it, that sounds less "like a bureaucratic coverup and more like Game of Thrones."