Play of the Day: Trump as a 5-Year-Old

As Stephen Colbert explains, Trump's lack of maturity is a certain kind of selling point.

At the CNN town hall this week, a woman asked John Kasich if he would consider a female running mate if he became the nominee. Kasich replied "Are you available? You look great tonight" to laughter in the auditorium. To be fair, as Late Night's Seth Meyers said, that's pretty much the process used John McCain used in 2008.

During the town hall, CNN's Anderson Cooper called Donald Trump out for some of his answers sounding immature. Cooper said one of Trump's answers had the logic of a "5-year-old," so Conan O'Brien joked about Cooper's name, while Jimmy Kimmel said Trump was ready to give Cooper a wedgie. Late Show's Stephen Colbert noted the similarities between Trump and an actual little kid including his feelings that girls are "yucky."