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Play of the Day: That's a Lot of Confetti, John Kasich

After winning his home state, the Ohio governor was nearly buried in festive paper.

Marco Rubio's primary loss in Florida Tuesday caused him to suspend his campaign this week. but Late Night's Seth Meyers found a silver lining for the Miami native: He can go back to his day job as a Lego businessman.

Ohio governor John Kasich won the Buckeye state's primary this week and his victory party showed his campaign's excitement with lots of confetti. Meyers joked that the confetti wouldn't have been out of place at a grocery store's one millionth customer celebration. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked that the confetti cleanup would create lots of new jobs, while The Daily Show's Trevor Noah noted that he used enough confetti for every state in the union instead of winning a grand total of one state.

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