Play of the Day: Martin O'Malley Just Wants Someone to Pay Attention to Him

Sunday's Democratic debate didn't do the former Maryland governor any favors.

Sunday's Democratic debate was the topic for Monday's late-night talk shows. Bernie Sanders was the butt of some jokes, with The Daily Show's Trevor Noah saying he looks like someone who stores his money in Cheerios boxes, while Jimmy Kimmel noted that the debate was a win for the 74-year-old simply because he didn't die during it.

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley barely made it into Sunday's debate and got very little time to speak during it, as late-night shows noted. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon suggested that even O'Malley's scandals are boring, while Noah suggested he brought a crossword book to occupy his debate time while Sanders and Hillary Clinton argued. The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore got some digs in at O'Malley's expense, mocking his facial expressions and even saying he looked like the lost third of a menage à trois.

(Image via Flickr user Edward Kimmel)