Play of the Day: Ted Cruz is a 'Big Fan' of Donald Trump

The two GOP contenders met in New York this week.

Thursday, Barack Obama was the first sitting president to visit a federal prison when he traveled to Oklahoma and toured the Federal Corrections Institution El Reno facility. Late Night's Seth Meyers noted the reaction on Fox News, saying they were disappointed that Obama was just visiting.

Sometime GOP frontrunner Donald Trump continues to be in the news. The piñatas made from his likeness have hit American stores, promoting Conan O'Brien to joke about their contents, while The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon noted his vineyard ownership with a joke. Most notably, during a week in which he met with the mogul, fellow 2016 GOP contender Ted Cruz said he's a "big fan" of Trump. Meyers took the opportunity to joke about the comment and, of course, Trump's hair.

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