Play of the Day: Mike Huckabee is a Real Comedian

The candidate's joke did not go over well with the transgender community.

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is making the fundraising rounds nationwide and news broke this week that she will be attending one hosted by Spiderman star Tobey Maguire. Wednesday, The Tonight Show staff photoshopped Clinton into the famous upside down kiss scene opposite Maguire and host Jimmy Fallon joked about the parallels between the Clinton family and the series many sequels and reboots.

As the Caitlyn Jenner story continues to dominate the news cycle, some jokes making light of Jenner's transition that 2016 candidate Mike Huckabee made in February have found new light. Progressives and the transgender community have criticized Huckabee, causing Conan O'Brien to joke about Huckabee's name, while The Nightly Show came up with a negative ad about Huckabee for his 2016 Republican rivals to use.