Play of the Day: Unlike Britain, American Elections Are Always Very Porkcentric

Jon Stewart looks at the defining image from the British election.

Mother's Day was this past weekend and President Barack Obama called three different mothers who had written him letters. This was late-night fodder Monday night, as NBC's Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon joked about those lucky moms' unlucky kids, while Conan O'Brien tied the act to former president Bill Clinton's sex drive.

The 2016 race continues, with David Letterman joking about the "jerk parade" of people running for president and the 500+ days until Election Day. Conan O'Brien joked about the amount of participants in said parade by tying the field to the most recent jobs report. Also on Monday, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took on the United Kingdom election's big scandal and compared it to the American one in terms of eating of various parts of a pig.