Play of the Day: Meet the NSA's New Recycling Mascot

That's right: The National Security Agency introduced a computer-generated mascot teaching kids to sort their trash.

President Barack Obama gave a speech on Earth Day at Florida's Everglades National Park and even toured the park a bit with local rangers. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon noted that Obama didn't look presidential in the accompanying photo opportunity, but rather like something from a crime procedural drama. Late Night's Seth Meyers noted Obama's disagreements with Florida governor Rick Scott, though it was mostly an avenue to make fun of Scott's alien-like visage.

The National Security Agency released a video this week introducing an anthropomorphized recycling bin named Dunk as the agency's recycling mascot. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart noted Dunk's terrifying gaze and compared his shape to a malformed beloved children's mascot. Stewart mainly wondered why NSA -- an agency well-known for its surveillance practices -- would have a recycling mascot at all until Dunk's video suggested children to sort their trash -- and possibly give the government information on their parents and teachers.