Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Tries to Connect with Voters

Saturday Night Live pokes at the newest official entrant into the 2016 race.

The 2016 presidential field is getting bigger and late-night TV is rounding into election shape. Real Time's Bill Maher noted American's thoughts about the vintage candidates -- Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush -- opposed to the new ones -- Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost joked about some new faces, as Fallon joked about Paul's famously hot temper and Jost looked at Ben Carson's hatred of the selfie stick.

Sunday's Clinton announcement was a huge target for late-night comedy. To coincide with the new Game of Thrones season premiere, Jost compared Clinton's rise to that of Daenerys Targaryen. Fallon looked at the complaint that she's always called by her first name. Additionally, SNL's cold open featured Kate McKinnon as Clinton, trying to connect with voters in a self-shot phone video. Unfortunately, Clinton's beleaguered assistant in the sketch doesn't think "Citizens! You will elect me!" is exactly a relatable message.