Play of the Day: The Tea Party's Taxes

The IRS scandal shows what government can do when its puts its mind to something.

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The revelation that the Internal Revenue Service targeted right-wing groups was the main topic on late-night television. At the start of his monologue Monday, The Tonight Show ’s Jay Leno said he was hesitant to mock the president, for fear of getting audited. The Daily Show devoted its entire first segment to the news, with host Jon Stewart saying that the ordeal provides plenty of fodder for conspiracy theorists. Stephen Colbert was one of those conspiracy theorists, saying that the scandal proves the president is a “secret Muslim, shape-shifting alien from Kenya who is coming for our guns and Bo is a member of the Illuminati.”

The Benghazi scandal continues to be late-night fodder, with Leno leading the way toward Obama. He joked that Obama’s got a lot of excuses and stories about the events of September. Leno also brought Hillary Clinton and United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron involved in the hilarity. Colbert also examined the scandal, looking at the difference between an “act of terror” and a “terrorist attack.”

On The Late Show , David Letterman used the Naval cuts to make a fat joke, but winked while doing so. Late Night ’s Jimmy Fallon was on the recent small transformer fire at the White House , dinging Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s maturity in the process.

Fast forward to 4:55 to see Stewart explain the current managerial competence of the federal government.