Play of the Day: Golfing with Obama

The president played a round over the weekend and comedians took note.

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President Barack Obama played golf in a foursome with two senators over the weekend and whenever Obama plays a high-profile round , it’s fodder for late-night humor. The Tonight Show ’s Jay Leno used some video manipulation to highlight the animosity between Obama and his playing partners, while Late Night ’s Jimmy Fallon pumped up the president. On CBS, Late Show ’s David Letterman also mentioned the tension between parties in his golf jokes.

In non-golf jokes, Conan O’Brien took a look at recent comments from Bill Clinton about his wife’s presidential ambitions.  And like clockwork, Fallon also got in some shots at Vice President Joe Biden’s maturity after the administration met with South Korean president Park Geun-hye earlier in the week .

Fast forward to 2:15  to see Fallon show off new ad slogans for the National Park Service.