Play of the Day: Obama’s Scale of Hot Public Servants

Eric Holder is not as good-looking as Kamala Harris, says Obama.

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North Korea remains a major topic of conversation on late-night, as the nuclear threat from the hermit kingdom has not gone away. The Tonight Show ’s Jay Leno used the notion of a “premature launch” to make fun of Kim’s appearance, while The Late Show ’s David Letterman tied the North Korea jokes to George W. Bush, eventually ending up on the May opening on the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum .

The new topic of late-night comedy this weekend was Barack Obama’s comments at a recent fundraiser. Obama called California Attorney General Kamala Harris "the best-looking attorney general in the country" this week , putting the gaffe up front for the president. Late Night ’s Jimmy Fallon and Leno brought First Lady Michelle Obama into the jokes, while Saturday Night Live’ s Seth Meyers compared Harris’s looks to United States Attorney General Eric Holder. Fallon even used the opportunity to give out superlatives to public servants.

Fast forward to 3:40 to see Letterman lament Bush’s reading abilities.