Play of the Day: The Looming Threat of Kim Jong-Un

Craig Ferguson and Conan O’Brien look toward North Korea.

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Former president George W. Bush’s legacy for comedians is legendary and David Letterman continues to joke about the 43rd president. With Bush’s presidential library opening next month , Letterman gave viewers a preview of what the facility will provide for visitors.

On NBC, The Tonight Show ’s Jay Leno brought other former targets into a joke by making jokes about Mitt Romney and the Palins. Late Night’ s Jimmy Fallon looked into a possible Sasha Obama presidency and NASA's plans to study an asteroid .

Conan O’Brien was the only comedian to look at Barack Obama’s budget proposal, using the occasion to talk about the government selling excess property . He also continued jokes about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un , connecting the leader to “Gangam Style” singer Psy. Craig Ferguson devoted much of his monologue to Kim, as well, bringing in Psy, a Kardashian sight gag and even the relative sanity of China’s leadership.

Fast forward to 4:20 to see Ferguson show why Kim shouldn't be strapped for money.