Play of the Day: A Washington Conclave?

Leno asks why we can’t lock Congress into a room to figure out the sequester.

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Pope Francis’ election remains the biggest news on late-night TV. Conan O’Brien lauded the pontiff for bringing back a famous American institution, The Late Show ’s David Letterman examined his voting block and Late Night host Jimmy Fallon referenced Francis’ early life as a bouncer. The Tonight Show’s Jay Leno gave viewers a history lesson on the origins of the papal selection process .

In domestic news, Letterman continues to examine new TSA restrictions and even referenced the passenger who was strapped to his seat in January via duct tape . Fallon was on the news that the Obama administration spends more than $250,000 a year on calligraphy and Leno even looked at Michelle Obama’s upcoming Vogue cover .

Fast forward to 2:05 to see which magazine cover wants to feature Vice President Joe Biden.

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