Play of the Day: All Sequester, All the Time

Comedians try to explain -- and loudly mock -- the sequester.

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With March 1 being the official sequester day for the United States, late-night hosts spent a great deal of time on the deadline, Congress and jokes that involve them. On NBC, Tonight Show host Jay Leno had his graphics team put together an “ad campaign” against the sequester that brought Ikea’s meatballs into it, while The Late Show ’s Jimmy Fallon brought new Jacob Lew’s new job status into the mix.

On The Daily Show , Jon Stewart had to wake up his viewers after trying to explain the sequester, while Conan O’Brien got to take one last swipe at the Carnival Cruise debacle with a sequester joke involving public works cuts. Stephen Colbert spent his entire middle segment on the sequester, both explaining and bringing out analogies to sequestration.

Fast forward to 4:25 to see Colbert use the phrase “ebola monkey” to explain his solution to get Congress to act.