Biden speaks in Nashville in October.

Biden speaks in Nashville in October. NumenaStudios/

GovExec Daily: How Biden Can Make Government Work Better

Peter H. Schuck joins the podcast to discuss how the president-elect can realign government to meet more people's needs.

President-elect Joe Biden comes into office next week in the middle of a deeply divided political culture, a world-historic pandemic and an economy reeling from that same pandemic. As more polls show Americans believe that government needs major changes, Biden has an opportunity to realign it toward more effective governance.

Peter H. Schuck is an emeritus professor of law at Yale University, a scholar in residence at New York University and the author of One Nation Undecided: Clear Thinking About Five Hard Issues That Divide Us. He co-authored a piece for USA Today earlier this week headlined “How Joe Biden can jump-start America's recovery by reforming government” and he joined the podcast to discuss how Biden can reform government toward more efficacy.

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