Now’s The Time To Share Your Bold Ideas and Stories

A chance to tell your colleagues across government about innovative approaches you’re implementing.

If ever there was a time for boldness in government, this is it. As if simply managing through the day-to-day distractions in today’s political landscape weren’t difficult enough, federal leaders are being presented with never-before-seen challenges, from changing workforce demographics to the automation of routine work.

To help federal officials meet these myriad tests, Government Executive and Nextgov have teamed up to provide a showcase for sharing innovative ideas in technology, workforce and management. It’s called BOLD GOV, and it takes place on Dec. 3 in Washington. 

We’re choosing up to six presenters to make presentations lasting 10-15 minutes at the event. Nominations are open through Oct. 30. You can nominate yourself or a colleague. Nominees will be notified if they've been selected as presenters one to two weeks after nominations close.

Click here to make a BOLD GOV nomination

Previous BOLD presenters have included a podcaster, an earth scientist, an outreach strategist and an ice cream maker. What they all had in common were their fresh and thought-provoking ideas and inspiring stories of success in the federal context.

So if you know of someone who has such a story to share, put their name forward. Even if you don’t, you can register for BOLD GOV and participate in a unique learning experience. 

More details about the event and the nomination process are available on the BOLD GOV website.